Term Definition
Altis grove
Athlete one who competes for a prize
Athlon prize
Athlos contest
Dekadrachm ten drachmai
Diaulos a foot race equal to two lengths of the stadion
Dolichos a distance race varying from place to place, generally 12 to 24 lengths of the stadion (ca. 1.5 to 3 miles)
Drachma standard of Greek currency, meaning literally "a handful of spits"
Dromos running place or racecourse
Gymnasion place of naked people
Halteres jumping weights
Hellanodikai greek judges
Himantes boxing glove
Himantes boxing gloves
Hippodromos racecourse for horses
Hoplite armed soldier
Hoplitodromos race in armor
Keles horse race
Nike victory; goddess of victory
Palaestra place of wrestling
Pale wrestling
Pankration an athletic event combining aspects of wrestling and boxing
Pantheon all the gods
Pentathlon five contests (discus, javelin, long jump, wrestling, and foot race)
Peplos a loose outer robe worn by women in ancient Greece
Periodonikes circuit victor
Pugme boxing
Stadion a linear distance equal to 600 feet; a foot race 600 feet long; place of athletic contests, literally "the standing place"
Tethrippon four-horse chariot
Tetradrachm four drachmai